Photos by Brett Stanley

Splicer - Bioshock

Completed 2017

This was a really fun costume, made for an underwater shoot with Brett Stanley when he was in New Zealand in December 2017. I based this costume on the Baby Jane splicers, though ended up deviating a bit - I was due to fly back into town the day before the shoot, but due to a traffic jam we missed our flight. I had some of the costume pieces with me, having done a mini shoot in our hotel in the days before, but unfortunately my latex appliances and most of my makeup was still at home and I didn’t have time to retrieve it before the shoot. I made do with what I had on hand, but unfortunately my carefully applied face came off within about ten seconds in the water. I used Liquiset and a water-based cake makeup, as well as a liberal coat of sealing spray - but while it didn’t dissolve in the water, it just hadn’t adhered to my face at all and flaked right off. Lesson learned, use an oil-based product in the first place!

Despite the makeup setback, this was a really enjoyable shoot and the costume was very effective, despite being very simple. The dress and slip were made and destroyed well in advance, weathered with sandpaper, concrete, an open flame, and acrylic paint. It was a lot of fun getting to do something creepy and a bit more feral than my usual costume choice, and I love these images.