Photos by Little-Noise.

Original Costume design

Completed 2015


The horns are insulation foam carved to shape and textured, with a layer of worbla over the top. These are glued to a felt base, and stitched directly into the wig. This is a technique used by Lightning Cosplay, and she describes it in her book very well. The base wig was bought on Ebay, and I cut and styled it myself.


All bracelets and the collar are worbla with either a cardboard or craft foam base. I don't generally like using craft foam with thermoplastics as it's very prone to bubbling, but when dealing with quite thin, delicate shapes it does help to give it enough body to work with properly. The collar was then assembled with rivets and leather strapping, with velcro and snaps to close.


The dress is based on the brothel dresses from Game of Thrones. This was made using a cotton voile, and moves very nicely when worn.