Photos by Gallery.of.geek

Morrigan - Dragon Age: Origins

Completed 2011

The top is a halter with a hood and cowl neckline, and is made in matte spandex with decorative back lacing detail. The bikini worn underneath is a polyester knit, with straps that cross over the collarbones.

The jewelry is mostly cast in Friendly Plastic/Polymorph pellets - the golden bar pieces are glued onto a vinyl base to keep them even spaced and secure.

The skirt is made in a leatherette with hand-stitched details in embroidery floss, faux fur trim, and vinyl straps at the hem.

The pauldron base is wonderflex over a wire mesh base for shape, and each feather was hand-shaped and glued into place.


This costume is in the process of being re-made - Morrigan is a favourite character of mine, and I'm looking forward to re-making the costume to be more accurate and more durable.