Photos by Capturing Heartbeats

Maya - Borderlands 2

Completed 2015


The leotard was made using a one-piece block I drafted myself. I sketched out the piecing on the garment and used several lycras and stretch knits to assemble it. This was a mistake - because all of the fabrics ware different weights and had slightly different amounts of stretch, this made for some interesting fitting issues.

I chose to do the tattoos as wearable garments as opposed to using body paint as I don't have the patience (or skill) to replicate such a complex design more than once - plus, needing 4+ hours to get ready is not something I enjoy! The base fabric is a matte spandex, which was custom tinted with Procion MX dyes from Dharma Trading. The tattoos were painted on in opaque textile ink and heat set. The yellow spandex was also tie-dyed with a darker yellow dye to give it some background texture in keeping with the art style of the game. This technique was also used on the navy blue for the trousers.


The trousers were a bit of a headache - the asymmetrical waistband had to sit low enough on one side to expose the hip tattoo as much as possible, while being high enough over the bum and on the opposite hip so that they didn't constantly fall down. I managed, just, though I suspect this has more to do with a generous posterior than any patterning magic. These are cotton drill, and I made the mistake of not bothering to interface the waistband; after being worn these stretch out and end up falling down.


The bootcovers are pieced in lycra and stretch knits to match the leotard, and are stitched directly to a pair of canvas sneakers. They close over the laces with a chunky red plastic zip and extend slightly above the natural upper edge of the base shoes.

The belt and ankle straps are a coated stretch twill, with the high- and low-lights added in textile ink. The glove is lycra, with pale grey stretch topstitched into place with details added in ink.

The wig is a Blue Steel from Arda Wigs. All costume components were cel-shaded by hand in textile ink to match the art style of the game.