Photos by Selena Brownson. Daggers by Greg Jordan.

Isabela - Dragon Age II

Completed 2012


The collar is a base piece of wonderflex, with PVC tubing, several sizes of resin cabochon, and polystyrene eggs for detail. The skull discs were molded from a master bought on Etsy, and cast in polyester resin - this is very brittle, and were I to re-make this item I would definitely use urethane instead.


The dress is a cotton blend with a very rough finish, similar to a coarse linen or sacking. This is lined in cotton drill, and closes at the back with an invisible zip. The headscarf and wrap are a printed canvas bought online, and dyed turquoise - this retained the background print very well, while matching the colour to that seen in the game. The gold edging was painted by hand with help from a friend.


The armour pieces are styrene with EVA foam detail, painted with enamels and acrylics. The bases are a faux suede that I found at a yard sale, with studs and buckles added as needed. The bootcovers are basically very long spats, and are slipped over a pair of pull-on boots.

The daggers pictured are not mine - they belong to a friend, and were not made by me.