Photos by Little-Noise

Hawke, mage champion - Dragon Age II

Completed 2011

This costume was my first major armour project, and although I have fond memories of it, my inexperience definitely shows. The armour was made with cardboard covered in wonderflex, with all leather pieces of the design made with upholstery vinyl. I didn't scale this very well - the proportions are slightly off, resulting in wicked-looking spikes on the upper half of my body and really hilariously chunky greaves and sabatons that mean I have to waddle rather than walk!

The fabric components were mostly denims, bought online and tinted as needed. The chainmail on the right arm was also my first attempt, and went fairly well; though I underestimated the weight of the rings dramatically. It interfered with the fit of the shirt quite badly, constantly pulling it across to that side. The detailing on the shirt was achieved with painting lobster claw fasteners silver and working these into the garment underneath a facing to grab at the vinyl front piece.

The hood is probably my favourite part of this costume, along with the embroidery on the train - this was done by hand.


I've so far made this costume twice - once for myself, and once for a client. I learned a LOT during construction of these two costumes, and I'm quite tempted to go for a third round so I can learn some more. The biggest difference was in the armour and materials used - version one was thermoplastic sheeting and cardboard, while the second was cardboard, paper mache, and fibreglass. For such a chunky, geometric style of armour blocking it out in card is a good approach but I would probably use HIPS or PVC foam board if I were to do it again.