Photos by Matt Barnes

Ciri, bunny suit version - The Witcher 3

Completed 2017

This was a fun little project suggested by a friend of mine, and was completed using accessories from my existing Ciri costume. The only new components were the bunysuit itself, and the ears.

The suit was based on an existing pattern I already had, based off Yaya Han's bunny suit pattern for McCalls - the modifications I made to the base suit are outlined here. The base suit was cut in cotton drill, as there wasn't a lot of reduction in the waist, and the face layer was a combination of leatherette and calico with various embellishments. The calico section was coffee stained to age it up.

The other bunnies in the group are Noonapop as Yennefer and Aenthralled as Triss, both of whom I look forward to working with again!