Photos by Little-Noise.

Cirilla - The Witcher 3

Completed 2015

The silver belt pieces and cat pendant were cold cast in urethane resin and aluminium. I sculpted the pendant master by hand before molding, and the belt masters were laser cut, assembled and detailed before molding. These were then weathered with black acrylics and varnished.

The corset, pants, glove uppers, bootcovers and bicep cuffs are deerskin napa leather. This was also used on the hilt wraps for sword and dagger. The belt pouches and sword scabbard were pieces of scrap leather in various weights and finishes. The scabbard leather was orange when I got it, and I dyed it twice - a paint-on leather dye wasn't dark enough, so I used a fabric dye for silk (Jacquard iDye with vinegar as a setting agent) to colour it deep red, and an acrylic topcoat to seal the colour before stitching the detail. I recommend this dye for leather, it worked really well!

The rear pouch is leather scrap that I picked up on vacation, and was stitched together by hand using a Speedy Stitch Awl and waxed thread. This gave a very satisfying result, and is one of my favourite costume components.

The corset is boned with spiral steel for flexibility - it's strong enough to support itself during wear, but has enough flex that I can (sort of) move. It closes with a zipper at the center front.

The belts are veg-tan leather blanks that I detailed and dyed myself. I had some pieces of acrylic sheet laser cut to form stamps, and mounted these on backing pieces to use on the snakeskin belt. This was dyed with Fiebing's leather dye, and then had an antique finish applied over the top before being sealed. The end cap is worbla, with brass rivet details.

The sword base is balsa wood, foam PVC (Sintra), and a piece of wooden dowel. The blade was covered in worbla for added durability, with nails added along the blade to reinforce it, and filler used to shape and smooth the surface. The dagger was made in a similar way, with balsa wood and worbla. The scabbards are foam and worbla.

The wig is made from two separate wigs, and a shower body sponge - I pulled one of the wigs apart for wefts and used them to add volume to the base wig, and to cover the sponge in hair to form a clip-in bun.

The turquoise binding on the glove cuffs is acrylic spraypaint on blue-grey leather scrap. The acrylic paint has enough flex that it adheres to the leather without cracking or flaking, and was sealed with an acrylic topcoat to protect it before being stitched into place. The base gloves were purchased - I just made the cuffs and belt details.


Were I to make this costume again, I'd definitely approach the corset and sword differently. The corset really needs to be laced closed to ensure a tight fit, and I think I would make this as two garments - the base corset, and a leather cover. The sword I intend to re-make, as it's not as neat as it could be - I'm planning on making a new blade and hilt, molding the entire thing and casting in urethane resin. This method will be much stronger, and should give a finished weapon with a much finer edge.