Photos by Matt Barnes; Sophia Stace with editing by Little-Noise.

Babydoll - Sucker Punch

Completed 2017

This costume was very straightforward and quick to assemble, which was a welcome change after the 3 year delay on Sweet Pea. The top and skirt are a medium weight stretch denim, both based on commercial patterns and modified as needed. The skirt is box pleated with a wide waistband, which has a fairly long underlap for the button closures. The sailor collar is a cotton blend and all stripe detailing is cotton bias binding topstitched into place. The scarf is a lightweight cotton and all pieces were distressed with varying grades of sandpaper, with flour and cocoa powder used to add dirt, dust and grime.

The harness is based around a cheap belt bought from a dollar store - I could have made my own, but I preferred a more substantial material and given I was on a budget, using real leather wasn’t an option; in addition, paying $2 for both strap and buckle was my best option at the time. The harness pieces themselves were patterned out in paper on a dressform before being transferred to heavyweight interfacing and leatherette. The edges were finished with topstitching and trimming close to the stitch line, and all pieces weathered in acrylic paint.

The costume was worn by Cinquain Creative for our group photoshoot, and has since been worn by me for other events.