Photos by Selena Brownson. Prosthetic by Michaela de Bruce.

Aria T'Loak - Mass Effect 2

Completed 2013

The prosthetic was made by Michaela de Bruce. She also did the base colour, which was touched up by me to better match the final makeup and purple spandex. Makeup used on my face and chest was Kryolan liquid, tinted to match the spandex used in the catsuit.

The base pattern was made by drawing out the final design onto a one-piece block I drafted myself a few years ago. I then took a copy ofthe block as a whole, marked each piece for fabric and orientation, cut the various pieces and assembled the garment. Some modifications were made - for example, removing the side seam in the purple lycra panels so it better resembled skin. I opted to use this method instead of including cutouts and bodypaint so that the garment retained better structural integrity overall; it also eliminated issues with paint rubbing off in these areas. The fabric and makeup matched very closely in colour, but appear very different under certain lights - daylight produces an almost exact colour match, while flurescent shifted the colour dramatically.

The fabrics used are matte spandex, black leatherette, and a very thin white leatherette purchased on Ebay - this was flatlined with a cotton blend for use n the bolero jacket. The jacket sleeves are part of the catsuit underneath. The purple spandex at the upper arms and elbows was custom dyed.