Photos by Little-Noise

Beritra Chain Armour - Aion

Completed 2014

The dress is a stretch cotton sateen with a sequined mesh overlay to mimic the very glam chainmail seen on the in-game model and concept art. The cutouts on the back are a double layer of chiffon tricot laid on opposite grains for strength, and satin stitched around the edges. The trim is a woven tinsel cord which looks very much like fine chain and was hand-stitched into place across the garment. The hem is finished with satin binding.

The brooches and pendants were cast in urethane resin, and painted to match. Feathers were sprayed with dilute acrylic paint to give them a gradient effect, and trimmed to shape by hand before being attached to their jewelry bases.

The cuffs are a wonderflex base, with epoxy putty sculpted over top. The shoulder plates are sintra, which was detailed and heat-shaped before being fastened to the dress with velcro.

The staff is broken down into four pieces for transport - the base, shaft, wrapper and trident. The shaft is PVC pipe with attachments glued into place so that the base and trident can be unscrewed easily. All other pieces are a combination of foam and worbla, with crystals cast in epoxy resin and wired with LEDs - these run on two separate power supplies, one at each end, each with one coincell battery.


I learned a few valuable lessons in the course of this project - first being that if you are relying on a specific trim, buy it all at once. I had to shelve this costume for over a year before I was able to get more of the tinsel braid needed for the detailing. I also learned that Hong Kong binding, or lining, is crucial for sequinned garments...the inner seams tore up my hip pretty badly!